Unleashing Press Release (W.Telegraph)

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” Storm heralds great success for Transitionarberth’s Unleashing”

Last Thursday evening (19th Nov) amidst the Autumn storms, the  Queens Hall was buzzing to Transitionarberth’s Unleashing celebration.

150 plus people came wet and wind swept to listen and celebrate Narberth’s place in the World Wide Network of Transition Initiatives.

Geraldine Leach commented “ can I say how invigorating the whole evening was for me” . and Linda Cooke added, “It was a fantastic night, I don’t think we could have wished for more.”

Dr Brian John (Local Author) introduced the event..highlighting the importance of ‘community’ and ‘sense of place’

Gordon James  (FoE Cymru) Outlined the history of environmental issues in Pembs. He emphasised the importance of national lobby and local action, in fact the latter often led to the former. On Climate Change and Peak Oil , don’t Give UP“ !!

- Get involved in a local group,

- Lobby

- take non-violent direct action.

The main speaker for the evening was the co-founder of the Transition Network, Rob Hopkins

Rob suggested that the years between 1850 – 2050 should be seen as the ‘Petroleum Interval’ in human history, and it’s coming to an end!  It has been a period when “we have become removed from the embodied energy that makes things” (in other words we have lost touch!)

It takes 4 units of energy to find 1 unit of oil, so oil dependence means that we are  inherently insecure.

By 2016 80% of the UK’s natural gas will be imported.

Hopkins prefers to use the word ‘Resilience’, rather than the characteristic we need to withstand ‘shock’ and to evolve into something better .

He commented that in the old days you could see people making things in High Street shops and they are hidden away (in China !).

There are now 250 ‘formal TransitionTown’s world wide.

Examples of Transition Initiatives include:

-          local food directories (grow walnuts and hybrid sweet chestnuts),

-          re-skilling courses, so we become jack/janes of all trades.

-          New building skills needed

-          Local currency to stop the leaking of money (Totnes, Brixton etc).

-     Energy Descent Action Plans, a year on year reduction in energy usage, imagining a better future and coming back to the present.

Rob pointed out that Somerset and Leicester County Councils support Transition Towns

Stroud Transition works with the local authority and wrote the Food Policy for the Council.

Scotland has allocated £36m to support TransitionTown’s

Rob finally said that we have to construct ‘new realities, new visions’.

He said he thinks of the Petroleum Interval as a deep dark sticky period that we are going  to have to claw our way out of to get to ‘fresh air’ and sunlight.


Transitionarberth would like to express their gratitude to Mayor Platt and the Town councilors who attended. Also our thanks to Environment Wales for financial support and to the other local Transition Initiates and community groups that supported a wonderful evening.  for more information;